Rayan Samarah, BSc , RPCc

      Rayan Is a Children’s Life Coach and Wellness Counsellor. He found his passion as a kindergarten teacher, playing with children to explore their interests while encouraging them to express their uniqueness. He feels joy when inner clarity is discovered and loves supporting not only children, as well as all the grownups in their lives.


Ray was a quiet child, and found it difficult to express his opinions and ideas which lead him later into isolation. He dealt with chronic pain and heavy weight since a young age and understands the challenges that it causes in life. He was able to discover ways to help manage the pain, improve health, and lose weight. He loves cooking and workingout, and enjoys when assisting others to find their passion in this area while supporting them through the emotional struggle. He tackles topics that aren't usually worked with, like food addictions, sports addictions, and the importance of the continuous support through recovery. 


Rayan has completed his education in Counselling and Life-coaching, trained in fitness and nutrition, and finishing his Masters in Contemplative Practices. 

Valuing the importance of communication with self and others, the power of connection and loving support, Rayan will rise along with you on this fun adventure of exploring your unlimited possibilities to uncover the powers within. 

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